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“I’ve got you.”

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“I’ve got you.” Those words and the grip of a strong hand helping you up to the ledge on a long, exhausting climb. I find myself reflecting upon this image tonight. Tomorrow’s a big day, for I will:

  • Launch a new business, Mandala Financial Advisors, and
  • Lead an Iowa Democratic caucus for the 2020 Presidential race

I’m reflecting on my relationships with those people who profoundly impacted who I’ve become. Those people who extended their hand and pulled me to the next ledge when I needed their help. They’ve come in all sorts of packages: healers, lovers, friends, family, colleagues, clients, and strangers. They guided me out of the lonely LGBTQ closet and assured me I could have a fulfilling life. They taught me life is messy and to embrace its unpredictability. They demonstrated what our humanity means and our species’ capacity for caring. And they shaped my progressive values and politics.

These are the qualities I’m bringing to Mandala Financial Advisors. We are offering financial guidance for positive change. Our hallmarks are financial wellness through thoughtful planning and coaching, and impact investing, an exciting approach to investing designed for both financial return AND for positive environmental and social change. No minimums. No judgement. Just sophisticated advice for people who want to achieve their goals and align their investments with their progressive values. This is a movement that’s evolving capitalism into an engine that works for all stakeholders: the shareholders, the employees, the community, and the planet.  I’m bringing 30 years of experience to this business and I’m eager to share everything I’ve learned. I encourage you to explore our website and contact me if you wish to speak in more detail.

And why is this caucus so important to me?  My values are under fire. Protections of the natural places and the wildlife they sustain are being diluted or eliminated. Economic disparity is at an outrageous high. Families fleeing from terror in their homelands are being locked up and broken up. I can’t sit on the sidelines. Finding a President who can lead us out of these divisive and cruel times is urgent. I’ll be chairing a caucus for a precinct in Des Moines adjacent to the Iowa State Fairgrounds where, just a few months ago, the very candidates under consideration stood on hay bales while speaking to crowds. It reminds me of the working-class Back of the (Stock) Yards neighborhood in Chicago where my family was rooted. Precinct 31 residents needed someone to lead their caucus and I was honored to extend my hand.

🙏 Namaste.