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Sustainable Investing

Investing for Profit AND Impact

Capitalism has been a catalyst for rapid innovation and discovery, but often at a heavy cost to our environment and social health. But capitalism is evolving. Success is now being measured by return to all stakeholders—shareholders, employees, and community. Increasingly, people want to invest for financial gain and for a sustainable future. This no longer an either/or scenario. You can have both.

Investing Strategies

First and foremost, we manage your investments to meet your financial goals. We accomplish this in the most environmentally and socially conscious way possible using a blend of these sustainable investing strategies:

  • Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)—Filtering out industry sectors that don’t align with client values, such as fossil fuel companies and personal firearm manufacturers
  • Environmental Social Governance Investing (ESG)—Investing in businesses that score best across dozens of factors such as carbon output, employee diversity, and exposure to lawsuits
  • Impact Investing—Investing in businesses or projects where social and environmental outcome is most important to you

Investing Process

Once we have completed you initial holistic financial plan, we use a 5-step process for building and maintaining your investment portfolio.

goals and cash needs icon

Review Goals & Cash Needs

What financial goals do you want to accomplish? What environmental and social issues do you wish to address? What are your cash needs?

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Select Investments

Curate a portfolio of investments guided by your goals, cash needs, risk tolerance, and tax profile. Create schedule for implementation.

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Asset Transfer

Transfer over investable assets and cash from current custodian and/or other financial institution(s).

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Execute buy/sell transactions over time to fulfill implementation schedule.

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Ongoing Investment Management

Assess regularly. Make tactical changes and rebalance quarterly. Meet 2–4 times per year to review portfolio rates of return and environmental and social impact.

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