Financial guidance for positive change.℠

Life Stage

Reinventing Myself or Retiring

I’m ready for change…

“If I retired tomorrow, would I have the financial resources to last my lifetime? Starting a new business sounds exciting. I want to stay healthy as I age so I can enjoy my freedom. I’ve been fortunate and I want to leave the world a better place.”

Common questions you may have:

  • Do I have enough money saved to allow me to retire in 5 years and last for my lifetime?
  • Can I afford to quit my current job and work at a nonprofit to do work that inspires me?
  • I have a several retirement accounts – 401k, IRA, and regular savings. What’s the best way to start withdrawing funds in retirement?
  • Can I still earn some income after retirement without paying some type of tax penalty?
  • What’s the best way to provide financial help to my children/grandchildren?
  • I’m concerned about our world—the violence, climate change, social injustice. Do I have the resources to make meaningful change?

Things we’ll work on together:

  • Identifying and prioritizing your goals
  • Exploring current and potentially new sources of income
  • Budgeting for a new lifestyle
  • Managing cash flow so you have it when you need it
  • Retirement fund draw-down strategies
  • Tax efficient ways of transferring wealth to loved ones
  • Legacy and Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Accumulating and preserving wealth with sustainable investing strategies
  • Impact through volunteering & nonprofit Board opportunities