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A Fee-Only Advisor

We are a Fee-Only Advisor

We are a “fee-only” advisory firm. That means all our income comes from fees our clients pay directly to us for the services we provide them. Unlike a broker, we do not receive commissions from investment companies by selling their products to our clients. This eliminates conflicts of interest as we select investments that we believe will best meet your financial and sustainability objectives. We are held to a “fiduciary standard,” meaning we must always put your interests before our own.

Full Service Model

The Full Service model includes initial set-up and ongoing Holistic Financial Planning and Sustainable Investing services. The fee type—Flat or Tiered—is dependent upon the value of investments you’ve asked us to manage.

Flat Fee

If you’ve asked us to manage assets from $0–$250,000, a flat fee is charged.

We understand you may not have assets for us to manage initially. You may be in the earlier stages of saving, or perhaps your investments are held in your employer-sponsored retirement program. That’s why we created an affordable flat-fee fee level that provides you sophisticated financial planning as you save over time. And as you accumulate investment assets, we’ll manage up to $250,000 at no extra charge. The fee is structured as:

  • One-time upfront fee of $1,725 
    ($575/month for Months 1-3), followed by
  • Ongoing annual fee of $2,760 for individuals & $3,960 for couples paid monthly ($230/month & $330/month, respectively), starting in Month 4.


Tiered Fee

If you’ve asked us to manage assets greater than $250,000, a tiered fee is charged as a percentage of assets under management.

Asset Tier Annual Advisory Fee
First $1,000,000 1.00%
Above $1,000,000 0.50%
Project-Based Service Model

You may have specific financial planning and investing topics you’d like us to address as part of a stand-alone project. Examples of focused engagements include:

  • Business Owner Reboot
  • Estate Plan Review
  • Investment Consulting for Nonprofits & Family Offices
  • Life Event Mini-Plan
  • One-Time Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Tax-Reduction Strategies

Fees are negotiable and will be based on an hourly rate of $290.

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