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Day of Reckoning at Davos

by | Impact Investing

Big Business has seemingly awakened to the costs created by fossil fuels and social inequity. While “corporate social responsibility” and “diversity and inclusion” have been popular thematics amongst HR groups and the rank-and-file for almost 20 years, business CEOs are beginning to understand these aren’t just “nice to haves” but important initiatives that address threats to their existence. When the World Economic Forum held their annual meeting at Davos last month, climate change risks were at the top of the agenda for the first time ever. CEOs and leaders from top global names such as BlackRock, Starbucks, and even Microsoft admitted they aren’t doing enough and business behavior must change. I’ve curated some of the most interesting headlines that came out of Davos in the current issue of our Impact Investing News.  It’s a 3-minute read and I think you’ll find some surprises.

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